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"Curiosity is the secret of creative people, creativity is the fuel for innovation" 

Why approach us

We are entrepreneurs, not venture capitalists


We are not fascinated by unicorns


We are more than an investor, we are your partner


We invest in our values
to create value

Fists in Solidarity

Trust & integrity

Tennis Player in Wheelchair
Adjusting the Parachute
Climbing Rope

You word is your contract, and we practice what we preach.  Everyone wants to be successful and claim success however, it is equally critical to  be honest and transparent about ones failures.  

Anyone can learn a new skill however, attitude is not easily taught.  We strongly believe that success is an attitude.  Teams that have a positive and ethical attitude are winners. 

Attitude over skills

Persist & Persevere

The path to success is riddled with failures and disappointments.  Being able to stay motivated and oncourse will lead to success, no matter how delayed it may be.

Experience over education

Where one has been is a strong indicator of where on is going.  A pile of educational certificates without practical experience qualifies one to be a good professor but not an entrepreneure.

A story from our founders

Two strangers met, fell in love, decided to build a family and call their yet to be born child “RECEE”.  The couple wanted to ensure that Recee will have a chance to grow up in a better world than the one they / we live in.

They formed Recee AS in 2020; a company with a mission unlike any other.  Recee AS works to ensure that Recee and millions of other children get a better world.  Silicon Valley AS is an integral part of the ever evolving and dynamic journey of Recee AS.

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Thank you, we will be in touch

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